Cell Division Worksheet


This exercise provides a worksheet to contrast the mechanics of mitosis and meiosis.  Students compare qualities of these processes in a table, and draw simplified diagrams to explore cell division.

Outcomes and Learning Objectives

  1. understand the processes of cell division
  2. understand the differences and similarities of meiosis and mitosis

Adaptations of Desert Plants


This activity asks students to discuss the biotic and abiotic qualities of a desert environment, and how these factors may affect a plant's photosynthetic strategies. Students brainstorm possible evolutionary adaptations (feasible or not) that may address these challenges.

Outcomes and Learning Objectives

  1. know the biotic and abiotic attributes of a desert ecosystem
  2. identity and understand adaptations that allow plants to live in a desert ecosystem 

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Speed Dating

General Directions

Each student will research a topic (e.g. biomes, organelle, genetic disorder), and find 3 to 5 facts or interesting details about this topic, which should include information that is not commonly known.
During class students pair up to share this information in short (1 – 5 minutes each) sessions.
At a bell or buzzer, they will switch partners.
I often have them complete between 4 and 8 rounds depending on the complexity of the topics, amount of variability in the research and number of students.

Adaptation: As a guide, you can provide a set of questions for them to focus on, and have them provide a short introduction each round. This helps keep things from being so repetitive and can help the students stretch their understanding, ability to answer questions, and discussion skills.

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